Julie Giles has worked with Konami on the covers of Castlevania and Metal Gear series.

How did you develop a relationship with Konami?

A colleague of mine from a previous position at Signatures Network, Monique Catley, was the Director of Creative Services. She brought me in at Psygnosis, and I’m also doing some work for her at Nintendo, her current gig. We have always worked well together; it’s one of those rare relationships where we share a similar esthetic, work ethic, and commitment to getting the job done with as little b.s. as possible.

You did work for Psygnosis (now Sony Studio Liverpool)? Anything we might recognize?

For Psygnosis, I mostly did sell sheets and the like. I worked on a cool poster for Colony Wars. My most memorable project at Psygnosis and something I still show in my portfolio was a group of postcards for G-Police – Weapons of Justice featuring a paper doll with various outfits. This is one of the few times I got to do the art for a main visual which were illustrations of one the characters and four outfits based on actual Diesel clothing, hyping a tie-in with Diesel.

How much room for creativity is there with instruction manual designs?

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