When I posted the info about Defend Your Castle last night, I was not convinced that these where actual game play screens. It turns out that they are. I will also repost the details I posted last night here again.

114.jpg 24.jpg33.jpg42.jpg52.jpg

  • 4 Player jump-in cooperative gameplay – Defend your Castle with up to 3 pals!
  • Compete with your friends for kingship – Get crowned for dominating other players and earn the right to manage the Kingdom!
  • Completely new visuals and animation“The graphics now have more style, colour and life to them, as if they were drawn by a three year-old hyped up on sugar with unlimited supplies of Crayola.” – N-Europe
  • Enhanced physics & particle effects
  • Repel even faster and more massive waves of invaders
  • Not a port of the original – Defend Your Castle has been re-created from the ground up to utilize the unique capabilities of the Nintendo Wii™ and Wii Remote™
  • Unlimited levels – Continue to grow the strength of your Kingdom indefinitely
  • Play on your big screen TV, from your couch!
  • All this and more for only 500 Wii Points