"I get by with a little help from my friends."

Unicorn Overlord is surely one of the more interesting games hitting the Switch in early 2024. Releasing on March 8th, this strategy RPG from developer Vanillaware will combine overworld exploration and resource management with a unique, tactical battle system in what Vanillaware co-founder George Kamitami has called, “…one of Vanillaware’s biggest productions…

To help us get a grasp on the game’s scope and mechanics, publisher Atlus is releasing a series of “Josef’s Guide to…” videos. The latest was published this week, in which the former Holy Knight explains Unicorn Overlord’s social interaction system.

If Alain—the game’s protagonist—is going to successfully unite the continent of Fevrith, he’s going to need to make sure the leaders and warriors of the individual kingdoms are getting along. That, of course, means hanging out, sharing meals, exchanging gifts, and standing with one another in combat. Judging from the trailer above, those who played Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be right at home with Unicorn Overlord’s social aspects and their effect on gameplay.

But that’s just one part of Unicorn Overlord’s larger picture. Atlus previously gave us an introduction to navigating the game’s world, and we’ll surely see more as approach the game’s March 8th release.

Unicorn Overlord is available now for preorder at the Nintendo eShop in standard and Monarch editions. Physical preorders are also open for the standard ($59.99) and collector’s edition ($129.99) wherever finer JRPGs are sold.

For more information on Unicorn Overlord, visit unicornoverlord.atlus.com.