A pixilated version of pyramids and palm trees creates the theme for the Luxor World. Draw a horizontal line on the touch screen to create the world’s new ability, the Mirror Shield. Along with the Homing Missiles, this temporary upgrade will not only protect you, but send the enemies’ fire right back at them. When you reach the Egyptian Pharaoh boss level, complete him and make him vulnerable by bumping his separate pieces with your ship. Sometimes enemy fire will be so intense you must use your shield to survive, and in turn, defeat the enemy quickly with their own fire. Remember that your shield does not last forever so keep an eye on it. When it starts blinking, be prepared to get your ship to somewhere safe. When fighting the boss, bump your ship upwards into his headpieces as they come onto the screen. Fire rapidly before he moves off screen or you’ll have to repeat the process. World Upgrade: Mirror Shield: The Mirror Shield will deflect and reflect enemy fire. Activate it by swiftly drawing a straight line horizontally across the screen. Remember, like the Vortex, the Mirror Shield needs time to recharge.

Big Bang Mini is a fast paced shoot’em up designed specifically for the Nintendo DSTM that puts a new spin on classic arcade style gameplay – wrapped up in an explosive fireworks theme. Navigate your ‘ship’ through the brilliant array of locations and levels, dodging intense streams of debris as it rains down on you, while defeating wave after wave of challenging enemies by deploying fireworks and performing combo attacks.