1. Item Gopher: The player is given a list of items that they need to retrieve from a group of Gophers. The game will also tell you the order in which you need to get the items.
2. Mixed-up Picture: Select from the four possible answers the best word that describes a constantly changing picture.
3. Flash the light: By using a flashlight to analyze a dimly lit area, answer the question given to you.

1. Caged Canary: Memorize the movements of the canaries in the cages and choose them in order after time has expired.
2. Kids Just Wanna Have Fun: Identify the faces of children while they are playing.
3. Cattle Cry: Memorize the order of sounds given to you.

1. Shoot the blocks: You are given a form that you need to match by destroying blocks on the screen.
2. Quick Mistake Quiz: Out of a group of pictures, choose the correct answer after being given a random question.
3. Choose the Cube: Choose the 3D cube that most resembles the one that the game shows you.

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Source: GameSpy