Miiverse is seeing a redesign and some big additions this summer.

Two of the big changes, beside the redesign, is the addition of your own personal album, that can hold 100 screenshots , and a journal to keep all your dark gaming secrets.

Check out the full statement below.

Your Screenshot Album
Saving your screenshots in this album will be so easy, you’ll build up a collection of memories from the games you love in no time!
◆ You can save up to 100 screenshots in this album.
◆ This album is your own private space. It won’t be visible to other users.

Your Play Journal

Keep a record of your own unique gaming experiences by writing journal entries about games as you play them! Creating a Play Journal entry will be as simple as opening Miiverse during gameplay.
◆ Each Play Journal entry will include a screenshot that shows what was happening in the game when it was written. Only software titles that don’t support the taking of screenshots will be exempt from this rule.

A New Look for Communities
In the main community for each game, posts will be categorized to make browsing them easier and more fun.

Play Journal Entries
Here you’ll find everyone’s Play Journal entries for the game. Try to find people who are at the same part of the game as you are or who are playing the game in interesting ways!
In this section, you’ll be able to see all the artwork other users have created about the game, in order of popularity. This should make it even easier to find great artists to follow.
◆ You won’t be able to post handwritten posts to the Play Journal Entries or Discussions sections.

If you want to ask questions or start conversations about the game, this’ll be the perfect place for you to be. Remember, tags on posts make it easy to find other people who want to talk about the same stuff you do.

Other Changes
As the Play Journal feature is a replacement for posting to your activity feed, you won’t be able to post to your activity feed after the redesign.
After the redesign, the limitations on posting quickly in succession will become less strict. You’ll be able to post a combined total of 30 posts or comments per day. (In-game posts will not be included in this total.)