I gave into peer pressure from you guys and posted this video up earlier today. If I waited to the weekend, I would of known about this before I posted it. Oh well if give me another story to post. That awesome video (see HERE) of the tribute to Guitar here with a bike. Was not made by a fan and posted on youtube, but buy Activision, or an agency working for Activision.

“We shot all through the night. We wanted it to feel gritty and of the medium. This was always created and put out there to engage the creativity of our gamers. It didn’t take people very long, as we expected it to, for them to unlock the first of the codes, if you like. We wanted people to first figure out that it was something in the marketing realm and then dig in and have more of the conversation that we’re having about how it was done, have people figure out where all the cutting points were, where there was potentially CGI, and engage with that. It’s not meant to be deceptive. It’s meant to be fun.” – Brad Jakeman, Activision

Sneaky, Sneaky Activions, you fooled us.