GS: The motto of BioWare is “The best story-based games.” Sonic has been ridiculed recently for both the way its story has been going, and overall as a series. How do you loop that back?

MD: The interesting thing is that Sonic, when you start digging into the IP, is an immensely well-developed IP. There are comics, there are cartoons, and there is all this back-history that’s been laid out. So there was an amazing amount for us to draw upon, and refer to, and pay homage to as we made the story.

I mean, I think the big thing is, we’re making a storytelling game, while for most of the Sonic titles – Sonic Rush, for example – the story has to be injected between the levels, so it limits how they can tell story.

GS:I know you can’t speculate too much, but do you foresee that BioWare’s going to round out the platforms you’re working with, and the kind of styles you’re working with, as things move forward?

MD: Yeah, we’re looking into Wii and PSP as a company, as well, but nothing’s been decided, and nothing’s been announced. And we are, from styles of games, we are trying to broaden our portfolio. But we still have Dragon Age, which is a more traditional style of BioWare game.

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