Hey I always find ways to get kool stuff for my consoles, but this, this is even kooler. Firstly the I-case is very durable made of high quality plastic like the original wii case. It finally matches my TV, stereo, computer, and furniture in my room. You guys seriously it is so kool having something that no one else has. I’ve had a couple of people come over to my house and say, “hey what the F*, why’s your wii black,” haha I told them it was custom made straight from Nintendo. Anyways the Black I-case is currently the best choice is you want to get any wii case, I believe it is even better than the crappy shockwii products. This is shiny, durable, and is even made with quality rite to the last button. The only problem I had was instillation, I don’t know if I’m a dumbass when it comes to taking things apart but I could not take apart the last piece of the wii. (The piece that’s nearest to the table when placed horizontally.) So you could imagine my wii looks like an Oreo, it kinda looks kool. At least they included both screwdrivers for the installation, so that means no extra tools are needed. 5.6/6 BIG ONES. Minus .4 marks for not having instructions.