Indie game developer Ant Workshop has announced that their new game, Dead End Job, is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Dead End Job is described as a frantic and addictive combination of a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter with the iconic look of a 90s cartoon. Ant Workshop’s Founder Anthony Gowland has been wanting to get the team’s latest game onto the Switch since the hybrid console was first announced.

Ever since I first saw the Switch announcement I wanted to get Dead End Job on the platform as the crazy cartoon visuals and gameplay felt like a perfect fit…

In Dead End job, you play for the number one experts in paranormal pest control, Ghoul-B-Gone. As Hector Plasm, you’ll blast ghosts and suck them up with your vacuum pack, earning more money for every ghost captured. Train to become employee of the month while being haunted by your former partner-cum-mentor. Features of the game include:

  • Clean houses, offices and other buildings of ghosts using your trusty vacuum pack and a whole range of supernatural items.
  • Drop in/drop out couch co-op, as your mentor appears to lend a hand!
  • Failing a job isn’t game-over! Compete with other employees to be crowned as “Employee of the Week”.
  • Stunning cartoon-quality high resolution artwork inspired by the likes of Ren & Stimpy.
  • Featuring original music by the award-winning Will Morton (Grand Theft Auto series).
  • Twitch integration allows viewers to help or hinder the streamer by choosing their powerups.

I can’t wait to see someone blasting ghosts and earning as much money as they can for The Man while on their daily commute, how many other cartoon shooters can you think of with that ironic symbolism?

Dead End Job will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below and let us know if you’ve got what it takes to be the best at putting pests to rest.

Source: Press release