Doncaster, UK. 6th April, 2009 – BLAZE is proud to launch the new Automated Cartridge & slot cleaner for Nintendo DSi and DS Lite consoles. The new BLAZE battery powered cleaner ensures that your console and games stay in perfect condition using its unique automated, mechanized action . This 2 part automated device works on both the DS Lite, where it can clean both the DS and GBA game slots as well as game cards, and the DSi where it can clean your game slot and also game cards. How it works is easy; simply plug the device into the appropriate slot, press the “on” button and allow the static free microfibers to clean the internal connectors, thus ensuring years of trouble free gaming. This device is perfect for anyone who likes to take care of their game consoles and game library and ensure their items stay in tip top condition.

The Automated Cartridge and Slot Cleaner is available from May from all good video game stores and direct from priced at £14.99.