This is a great deal, but you may need to shop around a few Blockbuster’s to get the best. The free games you can choose from are of games that are under $14.99. Don’t fear, there seems to be some good deals. Check out what a reader at neogaf pulled in.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney DS(Reg price: 9.99)
Justice for All DS(Reg price: 9.99)
Total : 9.99

Professor Layton DS(Reg Price: 14.99)
Dead Rising X360(Reg Price: 14.99)
Total: 14.99

The Club( Reg Price 14.99
Rally Revo (Reg Price 9.99)
Total: 14.99

PGR4 X360 (Reg Price 14.99)
GTA IV X360 (Reg Price 14.99)
Total: 14.99

Deal goes on until January 5th.