Q: What is Games by Mail?

A: Games by Mail is a new exciting offer from Blockbuster Online that allows you to rent the hottest and all-time classic video games through the mail with as an additional option to your current online subscription!

Q: What type of games will be available?

A: You can rent the hottest Wii, PS2, PS3 and Xbox360 games through your current online rental queue.

Q: How much is the additional cost?

A: Only pay when you play. You can rent unlimited games (one (1) out at-a-time) during your monthly billing period for an additional $7.99 plus tax. (If a game is not shipped to you during your billing period, you don’t get charged!) If you are on a capped, limited mail only plan, you may only rent as many games (one (1) out at-a-time) as allowed under your plan.

Q: Will game rentals count against my plan limits?

A: Yes, online game rentals will count toward the number of rentals you are allowed out at one time under your Online subscription plan. For example, on a 3-out plan, we may ship you 2 movies and 1 game. We will not ship a third movie until either one of the movies or the game is returned.

Q: How many games can I rent per month?

A: You may rent unlimited games each billing month if you are on a plan that allows unlimited rentals through the mail.

  • You can only have one (1) game out at a time
  • The game will count toward the number of rentals you are allowed out under your Online subscription plan
  • If you are on a capped, limited mail only plan (1-out, 2 max per billing month), the game will count toward the number of maximum rentals