It seems like Bob’s quest for a developers kit has ended. Nintendo has finally got back to Bob, but the news is not that good.

Thank you for your interest for Authorized Developer status for Nintendo DS.

We have completed our evaluation of your application and are unable to offer your company Authorized Developer status at the present time.

In evaluating developers, Nintendo looks for relevant game development experience. In addition, Nintendo looks for secure business facilities, sufficient equipment and staffing, financial stability and other attributes that would distinguish the developer.

Nintendo provides Authorized Developers with highly confidential information and many of Nintendo’s Licensees rely on recommendations and referrals by Nintendo to Authorized Developers. For these reasons, Nintendo exercises a very high level of discretion in approving only a select number of applicants.

In accordance with our policies, we are not able to re-evaluate requests for developer status for at least six months. Again, we appreciate your interest, and welcome any questions or concerns you might have regarding this decision.

Best regards,

Software Development Support Group & Licensing Department Nintendo of America & Nintendo of Europe

I don’t blame Nintendo for their decision. We where all behind you Bob until you pulled that stunt at the Nintendo World Store. (See HERE) I am sure Nintendo noticed as well.