– 400 levels
– may 6th, NA/May 9th Euro (dates reconfirmed)
– Spielberg wanted to created a game experience that he could share with his children
– three modes – single multi (competitive and coop) and create
– single player – explorer and adventure modes
– rated on how many throws it takes to complete task
– realistic physics for throwing. harder the throw, further your ball will travel
– 70 levels in explore mode
– adventure mode- themed worlds and characters
– mid evil, tiki island, frontier, haunted
– story introduces each theme
– comic book style storyboarding
– differ block types
– green blocks are chemical blocks, large explosions
– purple blocks can be popped
– unlock levels characters and more by getting silver and gold medals
– tiki them – reunite baby gorillas with parents. They have been kidnapped by tiki beavers
– grab too to grab things in the environment
– explorer and adventure challenge add difficulty
– single player has 200 levels
– multiplayer has 200 levels
– multiplayer has 11 unique game modes
– there are 4 player games
– trade off wiimote between players for some games
– create mode also allows you edit any of the 400 puzzles
– tools can be unlocked, such as super bomb and bowling ball
– stretching and rotation of blocks for advanced editors
– wc24 – send any level you have made to your friends
– 30 characters
– characters all react differently
– characters can interact with each other as well