Interview with Amir Rahimi, the game’s senior producer. Do you think that Boom Blox has hardcore appeal?

Amir Rahimi: I do. I absolutely do. To be quite honest it was a bit of a surprise to us in the development team, when about halfway through development we started having fun playing the game. It started out being just a family game, a game that would get kids excited. Every single person on the team had come from a hardcore game, we’re all hardcore gamers. I don’t think we could help but to make a game that was appealing to us. It was intrinsic.

About halfway through we realised we were onto something. And I’ve got to tell you, we’ve done an amazing job of making the game very acceptable to the casual audience but also have a layer of depth that is going to be really appealing to the gamer.

A lot of that comes from the physics. The physics are very realistic. When you have a game like this one here, Tower Topple, it really matters what angle you shoot, how hard you throw it, you get a billiards mechanic where you have to move the angles and pick the right shot. But because the physics are so realistic, that game will play differently every single time they play it because the blocks will fall over differently. New strategies emerge every time you play it. There’s a level of depth there that’s emergent. And obviously gamers love physics right?

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