An Interview between GameDaily and EA game maker, Louis Castle.

With talk about Steven Spielberg being behind the game, who came up with the idea behind BOOM BLOX?

It’s actually Spielberg’s concept. He was inspired by his play session with Miyamoto on the Wii and came to us, since we had an agreement to work with him on multiple titles, and said, “I’d really like to make a game that I can play with my kids for the Wii since it’s just a fantastic system.” So that was the genesis of it all and I was just getting off of sabbatical and Neil [Young] said to me, “Do you want to work with Spielberg on a game?” And I said, “Yeah … sure. Why not?”

What is it like working with Spielberg?

It’s a great relationship. He’s out at the office usually weekly, the only time he’s not around is when he’s busy filming Indy, but for the most part we see him every week. He’s just one of the team. We sit down, talk about where the project’s been and where it’s going, how we’ve implemented some of the things in BOOM BLOX that he commented on the last time, and that’s just been the way of it. It’s really quick and easy to forget that he’s a superstar since he’s so easy to work with.

What’s changed since we first saw that game at E3 2007?

I think that a lot of things have changed since then. More than anything else, it’s the emotional context of the game. There are now over 30 characters in the game that cheer you on and encourage you as you go and that’s really changed everything about it. The whole look and feel of the product is just a more family friendly and entertaining experience. It’s like having your own cheerleading squad running around with you so it’s very, very cute. The other thing that’s changed is that it’s given us some time to really focus on the activities around what you’re doing with different ways to play or experience the game. So it still has all the rich depth you saw hinted at during the E3 meeting but now the game has a lot more charm and character.

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