Avanquest Software Publishing, a leading consumer software and games publisher, has launched Junior Brain Trainer for Nintendo DS to retail today. This is a stimulating and fun game to help children improve a range of important cognitive skills. It includes a wide variety of fun puzzles and quizzes set in colourful environments to promote learning and education in an entertaining way.

Created specifically for 6-11 year olds, Junior Brain Trainer gives young minds a fitness workout to help develop important key skills in reading, writing, spelling, maths, geometry, logic and problem solving. Junior Brain Trainer takes a fresh and fun approach to teaching by delivering information in bite size chunks, making it easier to digest. The structured gameplay is designed to suit a child’s attention span and ensures they are continually engaged.

Users are encouraged to spend a small amount of time on the game each day to complete five different activities based around key skills. Players must successfully accomplish tasks such as completing a missing word in a sentence, finishing a maths calculation, drawing a shape or matching up pairs.

Once the five daily activities have been completed, users are rewarded by unlocking additional content, motivating them to continue to reveal further exercises. These include reading and writing activities such as fun stories, where the reader has to blow into the microphone to turn the page; Hangman, requiring a mystery word to be solved; and Alphabet, to encourage kids to practice writing the alphabet.

Players can also unlock a quiz to test their knowledge of mathematics and vocabulary, as well as a selection of entertaining games that include:

Snakes – a game of skill and timing that requires a snake to be guided around the screen to collect coloured sweets – but if the snake hits its own tail, it’s game over!

Football – the stylus is used to move a football boot across the screen kicking a ball against the wall to remove bricks. Don’t miss the ball or a life is lost!

Beggar My Neighbour – tap on a pile of playing cards with the stylus to play a move against the console. Whoever has the highest card wins the hand – the overall winner is the player who collects all the cards.

Balloon Pop – the D-pad is used to move a sling shot to the left and right. The A button fires at the balloons and pops them when on target. Balloons may fire back though!

Twins – a memory game requiring pairs of people to be matched up against a time limit.

Ghosts – use the stylus to touch a ghost and capture it. The ghosts are quick though and as many as possible must be caught within the time limit.