As the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2019 draws ever so closer, announcements slow down and get saved for it. While little to none is known about new mechanics Super Mario Maker 2 will introduce beside slopes, it is expected we will learn more at the expo as the release date is June 28th, 2019. For fans eagerly anticipating making their own levels with Mario, they got a treat today in the form of an advert.

Today we here at PureNintendo discovered an advert for Super Mario Maker 2 that Twitter user Mark Cooper found, thanks to a Japanese store.

While the image is very difficult to make out, luckily the wonderful folks over at GameXplain deciphered it for us.

Hopefully, these details will quench your thirst for more information as we wait exactly two months for the release of Super Mario Maker 2:

  • Cat Bowser (The best part of Super Mario Maker 2)
  • A jungle stage background
  • Icicles pointy enough they can lead to your death
  • Pipes that can be customized for the Super Mario World theme option
  • Dynamic water for the Super Mario Bros. theme

These are only a few details, the rest can be spoiled at your pleasure by watching GameXplain’s video.

How do you feel about these additions? Are you looking forward to Super Mario Maker 2? What additions would you like to see in this sequel to the beloved hit? Let us know on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback!