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Even after Super Smash Bros. Brawl goes public, there’ll be a bunch of Assist Trophies that haven’t been introduced yet.

I don’t want you to get confused and ask, “What the heck is THAT?” So I’ve gotten these together and made a guide for you!



Like the name says, this Assist Trophy is from the game Metroid. It’s an artificial life-form that absorbs all kinds of energy.

In our game, it also attaches to the head and starts to drain its victim. Since it will increase your damage, try to shake it loose.


No! Stop! Get off my head!



Tingle’s appeared in quite a few games, most recently as you see him here in “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.” This self-styled fairy is 35 years old and still single!

He calls up all sorts of effects at random.


“Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!”

<Kat & Ana>

Kat & Ana

These girls appear in the WarioWare series. They’re twin ninja kindergartners! And when you put their names together, it spells “Katana.”

They have a brilliant dance combination that can cut people to pieces!


Run away! Run away! But…there’s nowhere to run!



Dr. Andonuts’s son. In EarthBound, he uses his supersmarts to create lots of inventions.

In our game, he uses the Multi-Bottle Rocket 5. He can launch four mini-rockets and one mega-rocket.


Guided missiles… Lovely.



The Helirin is from Kuru Kuru Kururin. It’s a flying machine with long rotor blades that slowly rotate.

But it doesn’t really carry out attacks. It becomes part of the terrain, so you can ride on it. Sometimes it even gets in the way!


An unforeseen accident!

<Jill & Drill Dozer>

Jill & Drill Dozer

Jill is the daughter of the boss of the bandit gang known as The Red Dozers. She rides the Drill Dozer, and she means business.

Her weapon is a giant drill, of course! The drill and nothing but the drill! She never thinks of retreating, it seems.


Man, I’m even afraid of dentist drills…



These guys appear in Nintendogs, of course. They play kind of close to the screen, but let’s just indulge them, OK?

This Nintendog is a Labrador retriever. Labradors are really popular all over the world.


They wait for things to get really heated, then they come and tease you.



The famous character Lakitu appears in 2-D. He’s from the Super Mario Bros. series.

Lakitu drops spiked eggs, which then hatch into Spinies. They’re kind of like spiky turtles. Those spikes sure look like they hurt…


I’m always happy when he comes out in a Multi-Man Brawl.

<Hammer Bro>

Hammer Bro

These guys are also from Super Mario Bros. They’re pretty tough, so they tend to make a “big impact” on players.

They throw their hammers in big arcs, and also appear in The Subspace Emissary as enemy characters.



Even if you get an Assist Trophy, it won’t come out until you hoist it over your head while on the ground. But once you do, it really changes the course of the fight