Trophies, stickers, music…

Super Smash Bros. Brawl certainly has its share of “rewards” for you to collect. Among them all are several for which I’ve set certain appearance conditions.

So, to help you manage these performance-based rewards, I’ve created the Challenges mode. This mode gives you hints about what you need to do to unlock these items!


This is the Challenges screen.

It’s totally empty. I’d say that if anyone saw this empty screen in-game, it would be an extremely rare occurrence.

Each one of these windows has some condition or another that will unlock it.

When you meet a set of conditions while playing through the game, that window will automatically break open.


KSSSSHHH! Then you get what’s inside!

If there’s a CD inside, you can listen to that CD on the spot.


Hmmm… Nice.

When a window breaks, you see a red silhouette of the windows on either side. When you align the cursor with these windows, you can see the conditions for breaking them open, too.


As you can see…

Use this to take on challenge after challenge so you can earn more, more, MORE prizes! It’s much easier to get excited about it when you know what you have to do.

By the way, you can use as many Golden Hammers as there are down below.


Even windows that aren’t open…


Can be broken open with a little force!

But use the hammers at your own discretion. Once used, a hammer will never return. You’ll want to save them for challenges you just can’t seem to overcome.

Oh, but you should also know that there are some windows even a trusty Golden Hammer won’t break.

And be careful of friends who might egg you on. I mean, imagine you have a hammer, some pristine glass, and a friend who just keeps telling you to break the glass…

It makes you want to break it, huh?