Ah, the Mushroom Kingdom. Most Smash players recognize this place from previous games in the series, where the world was represented in a pixel-art style reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros.

But why the “y” on the end of “Mushroom”? What’s the difference?


Oh, so that’s why!

This time around, we’ve designed a stage that recreates the layout of World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros.—but with rich backgrounds added to the mix.


The stage scrolls forward at a leisurely pace.


Pieces of familiar scenery scroll by.

The kingdom you once knew has turned to ruins over the long years, and it is now your battlefield.

You’ll get to enjoy a wide range of familiar structures. Also, since the stage slowly scrolls sideways, battles here will require you to come up with a very different strategy for winning.

Oh, and when you select this stage it will occasionally load an alternate underground stage.


This is the famous World 1-2. This one’s also quite charming.