Who will you become, and what will you fight for?

Happinet’s fantasy/strategy RPG Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia won’t arrive on Nintendo Switch until 25th, but the developers would like for you to check it out now. It’s a good idea, really, as the demo will allow you to get a head-start on the game’s “…hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay…”

The demo offers players two key gameplay modes:

  • Training Mode – Learn about troop movement, how to invade bases, and combat.
  • Trial Mode – Take on the role of the Brigandine of Justice, ruler of the Norzaleo Kingdom, in Easy mode.

The demo ends when the player’s army reaches up to 10 seasons or when 7 bases have been occupied by the army, but players can start the demo over to try different strategies and scenarios. Note that the game incorrectly states the demo will last for three seasons, and the aforementioned restrictions are correct.

And just what is Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia about? Well…

In Runersia, a continent created by the Rune God, mana rains down endlessly. Eons ago, five Mana Stones were brought forth by this continent and passes through history alongside human nations, eventually embedding into special Brigandine equipment to create Rune Knights – special individuals who can wield the mana power and stones embedded into their armor to cast skills and magic as well as summon and control ancient monsters. Six Brigandine Countries of Runersia, each with conflicting ideals beliefs, histories, and faiths, are divided by Brigandines of Justice, Glory, Freedom, Sanctity, and Ego, while the sixth country exists without Brigandine. The goal is to win battles to expand their country’s influence until the entire continent of Runersia has been taken over by the player.

Featuring a Fantasy world conquest within the turn-based strategy genre, Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia will offer hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay in this stunning new campaign for conquest. Players choose one of six countries to assume the role of the ruler aiming to conquer Runersia, and command more than 100 Rune Knights throughout the six nations leading various monster troops of various dragons, ghouls, and fairies, into fierce battles on hexagonal grid maps in the tactical turn-based battle system.

Developed by Matrix Software and published by Happinet Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia can now be pre-purchase in the Nintendo eShop for $49.99. Limited standard and collector’s physical editions are also available for preorder from Limited Run Games.

For more information, including plenty of trailers and gameplay tips, visit brigandine.happinet-games.com.