CHICAGO, IL – January 13, 2009 – BringIt LLC, an online destination where video gamers can put up money to challenge other players to matches, play their favorite games, and earn prize money by winning, today unveiled a host of new features and programs that have recently been implemented into the site. Newly added features include multiplayer tournaments, an auto score reporting system, and a referral program that benefits members who drive friends to register. BringIt is live and in open beta at, with all functionality fully operational.

“BringIt has really come into its own since we opened the doors last fall,” says Woodrow “Woody” Levin, founder of BringIt. “We’ve had great initial response from gamers signing up, taking an active role with the service and providing invaluable community feedback so we’re confident the new features will be well received.”

The highly anticipated addition of multiplayer tournaments to BringIt lets skilled players increase their level of competitiveness and play for even higher prize money than a typical “head to head” match up, while still putting up the same entry fee. Currently, NCAA Bracket Style Tournaments are open and underway for Madden NFL 09, FIFA 09, NHL 09, Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, and Call of Duty: World at War console games with more titles being added in the near future. Additionally, BringIt recently incorporated a new auto score reporting (ASR) system. The ASR automatically syncs up your end of game stats with BringIt’s challenge system and eliminates the need to self report the outcome. Members will now automatically get credit for the challenge they played, and this proprietary system will help to ensure fair game play in a fun, safe, secure environment.

In addition to the new features designed to add more value to the player experience, BringIt has created several programs that members can take advantage of. First, a referral program has been implemented that rewards players who sign up other players to the site. During the registration process, the new member will simply input the BringIt username of the friend who referred them into the Promo Code field, and that person will receive a $5 credit to their account to begin Bringing It! The referring member will receive cash and BringIt gear will be rewarded to members who refer 10, 20, and 30 new members. As a way of showing players what their chances are of becoming a pro gamer, BringIt has also introduced a program titled “Could You Be a Gaming Millionaire?” This short quiz is designed to show players how much money they would make playing games for a living.

BringIt will continue to make future announcements of newly added features and services. To sign up and/or find out more information, go to:, and use the Promo Code EARN to get $5 Free in your account!