It looks as if the Burger King Toys that we have reported on previously are now starting to trickle out to Burger King fast food restaurants.  Pictures of the different toys can be viewed below.  There is also pictures of a couple of the toys taken apart included in the gallery below.  The reasoning behind this toy deconstruction is that there were rumors floating around that these toys would be Near Field Communication (NFC) toys that could interact with the Wii U console via the GamePad’s NFC capabilities.  Unfortunately, as you can see in the photos of the deconstructed toys that there is no NFC tech inside either one.  Burger King has also launched an instant win game, simply called ‘BK Wii U Instant Win Game‘, to give away a whopping 490 Basic (White) Wii U Consoles.  So for those of you who were not lucky enough to snag a pre-order when retailers began burning through them, you now have another chance to get your very own Wii U.  All you need is the code from your Burger King receipt, then head on over to the BK Wii U Instant Win Game website, and enter the code.  You can read all of the Official Contest Rules here.