Nintendo systems have always been the destination for platformers, and the Switch eShop offerings only cement this idea. Button Button Up! is one of the many platformers available, and from first glance, one of the more charming ones.

button button up switch

The developer, Centrosphere, Games isn’t kidding about the name either. The stars of this particular platformer are actual buttons, cross-stitch and all. These buttons do what most basic platformer protagonists do; they jump, they hit switches, and basically do all they can to overcome obstacles in attempts to get to the proverbial flag pole end of the level. 

Like actual buttons, they can fasten themselves in midair by their string. Buttons can also fasten themselves to moving obstacles such as revolving ferris wheels in order to reach new heights or to shield fellow buttons from lasers, rays, and other destructive forces. Yes, despite playing as a single color button in every level, other colors often join in to help you in your quest.

And what do you do in your quest? You collect. Scraps of cloth, needles, and even magical rainbow buttons can be turned in for all manner of outfits and accessories for your round heroes. 

The game’s high point is easily its visuals. For a game that costs a little more than drive-thru lunch, it shoves quite a bit of detail into its surroundings. The levels—which ran the gamut from library bookshelves to haunted houses—were brimming with personality and vibrancy. 

Unfortunately, despite the glamorous backdrops, the platforming and puzzle-solving felt like a bit of an afterthought. Levels are all pretty long. If I had to quantify it, imagine most to be twice the size of a Super Mario World stage. The tragic part is they somehow felt even longer still because of how monotonous they were. 

button button up

Calling any element in Button Button Up! “Bad” would be a total misnomer. There’s still plenty here if there’s a platforming itch you need scratching, not to mention the countless collectible accessories to nab offer plenty of replay value if you’re into the whole completionist thing. If anything, Button Button Up! is in short, a beautiful looking slog.