You had everyone speculating over whether or not the series would return to WWII after such a successful run in a modern era with CoD 4. When do you think games will be finished with WWII?

Noah Heller: I think it will be a long time before WWII is done. The real line here is whether you can tell new stories and whether you can present something in a contemporary and new fashion.

The consumer doesn’t want the same old thing, and if you deliver that, he shouldn’t buy it any more than he should buy a repeat police drama or a Grand Theft Auto game set in the same genre. The challenge to us was to present something new.

Rich Farrelly: For instance, with CoD: Modern Warfare, arguably there are a lot of modern-era war games out there. But what they did is come into the market and redefined it.

That’s what we want to do with the WWII genre – we want to press the Reset button, we want so say: “This is not the WWII you’re used to seeing. This is something new. Yes you’re firing similar weapons and yes, you’ve seen these locations before, but this is nothing like you’ve ever played.”

Heller: We’re not coming in to be second best. The only way we’re going to make a WWII game – the only way we’re going to make any game under the Call of Duty name – is if it’s the best in the genre, and any genre that we enter we want to own it.

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