Discover the Secret Behind the “Black Page” When Calling Ships on March 9, 2010

San Mateo, Calif. – Feb. 4th, 2010 – Hudson Entertainment’s upcoming J-horror-inspired game Calling, for WiiTM, has gone gold and is set for release on March 9, 2010 for a retail price of $39.99. In Calling, published by Hudson Entertainment, the North and South American subsidiary of HUDSON SOFT, players are tasked to discover the secret behind the mysterious “Black Page” website where creepy beings stray in the space between life and death.

“We’re on schedule to bring chills to gamers when Calling ships to stores on March 9th,” said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing of Hudson Entertainment. “The game is a bit of a deferment from the traditional Hudson games, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how Hudson fans receive it.”

Some say the “Black Page” is a bridge to something sinister, but players will seek the truth for themselves with the guidance of the four characters stuck in the Mnemonic Abyss. Calling revolves around these characters and their fight for survival. In classic J-Horror style, players will experience the gripping story of suspense from the different characters’ perspectives. Someone or something is drawing the living into the Mnemonic Abyss for a reason, and it is up to the player to discover the truth. Players will use various equipment including flash lights, phones, and other items to navigate and escape the Calling.

Throughout the game players will visit various parts of the Mnemonic Abyss. Memories of houses, schools, hospitals and more bring players closer to either an escape or an untimely death. Players will solve puzzles, search and interact with objects, and ultimately try to avoid the inhabitance of this alternative existence.

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