MTV Multiplayer Stephen Totilo had an chance to set down with Jeremiah Slaczka and talk abot Scribblenauts. Totilo asked a question that we all are thinking about. “Can you really say anything in Scribblenaunts?

I started looking around my office and naming stuff, trying to stump him:

Cake mix? (Because I have “Portal” cake mix from Valve)

Slaczka did a search and said that the game can render a cake mixer, cake mix and pancake mix — all different objects with different properties.

Hourglass? (Because I have a “Phantom Hourglass” from Nintendo)



Of course.


Yes, the game will make the same object whether you write “briefcase,” “suitcase” or “case.” They would be classified as containers. Dragging something else to them would put that something else in the container.


Sure, that’s classified as kindling. Combine it with a match and it’ll burn.

But, Fart, Penis?… I am real mature….lol.