Now that Christmas has passed the number crunchers are working furiously to find out who is winning the console war. The first estimates are placing the Wii at two to three times ahead of the PS3. This could be explained by Nintendo simply having more Wii’s available for purchase than PS3’s, however, Paul Webber (an EB Games manager in Toronto, CA) said that it would take a whole day to sell out of PS3’s where the Wii would be sold out in 20 minutes after opening. People would be lined up waiting for the store to open. There are even reports of people trying to trade their PS3’s or 360’s for Wii’s on Craigslist (a classifieds website). Here’s my personal favorite quote from the article.

“Sebastian Dimartino, 29, from Whitby, offered up his Xbox 360, and several add-ons and games for trade. His package was worth about $700, in exchange for the $259 Wii. One problem, he couldn’t find any takers.

“I had my Xbox for a year and I just never got into it,” he said. But when he and his wife went shopping at the mall, they ran across the Wii. She fell in love with it. “She told me to dump that Xbox and get one.”

Dimartino managed to sell his Xbox for $500. With that money he bought a Wii and a game on Craigslist for a steal – $350.”

Well two things can be learned from this article. First its great to see the Wii doing so well up in Canada, and second if your one of those looking for one of those (insert personal opinion here) PS3’s maybe you should travel north of the border. ;)

source The Toronto Star