Havok today announced that it continues to expand its business into the Japanese game development community as it signed a significant deal with Capcom Co., Ltd, a leading video game developer and publisher. With this agreement, Capcom has made Havok Physics its development tool of choice. Capcom has licensed Havok Physics for its highly anticipated titles Lost Planet 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Capcom`s three recently released worldwide blockbusters Lost Planet, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil 5 were also developed using the physics solution.

“Havok is very excited to continue working with Capcom`s talented development team to help with its upcoming games. The fact that a powerhouse such as Capcom chose Havok for these new titles demonstrates Havok’s clear leadership position as the premier technology solutions provider to developers around the world,” said David O`Meara, Managing Director of Havok. “We’re proud to be a part of Capcom`s development strategy. Havok Physics was easily integrated into Capcom`s existing game development pipeline and we believe these triple-A projects will showcase the unparalleled flexibility and robustness of Havok Physics.”

“We chose to work with Havok because its software is the fastest and most
scalable physics engine available. Havok`s support and documentation sets the
gold standard in the industry,” said Jun Takeuchi, General Manager of Research
and Development Strategic Planning Department, Consumer Games Research and
Development Division of Capcom Co., Ltd. “After a comparison with other
companies` products, we valued the superiority of Havok and adopted its

Havok Physics is the leading real-time collision detection and physical
simulation solution on the market today. Havok Physics is in more than 200 games
comprising over 400 platform skus, and it will be included in over 65 titles
slated for release this year.

O`Meara adds, “Havok`s Tokyo-based office will ensure a successful relationship
by providing Capcom with not only our state-of-the-art physics solution, but
with experienced and personalized language and cultural technical support and
customer service.”

Havok`s products are available for sale immediately in Japan and around the
globe. To contact Havok`s worldwide sales team, please email salesteam@havok.com
for further information.