Two of the popular characters from the upcoming game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles have just recently created twitter accounts.

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You can also check the feed at

(Be sure to check out the new blog post today, from Director Yasuhiro Seto-san)

In anticipation of his next assignment, Leon S. Kennedy has decided to tweet his thoughts as he heads off on his next mission. The mission, which will be available for you to experience this winter in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, will give followers a taste of what to expect in the game… He can’t disclose too many details of his new mission, (no spoilers) but may give out some exclusive info for those that pay attention. Also, as time goes on, he may find relevant items and share the intel with his followers as it becomes available.

In the fight against bio-terror, events of the past may provide essential information that aids the situation in the present. Leon has a few things etched in his memory that makes him invaluable. Some of these memories were formed in Raccoon City, in Resident Evil 2, during his first encounter with bio-terror. These experiences changed his life and sent him on the path that has lead him to his current mission.

Claire Redfield, his partner from Raccoon City, was thrown into a horrific situation on a quest to find her brother. Leon and Claire set off to re-live the past they barely survived.