A little Q&A on the Capcom Forums:

I was wondering if perhaps Capcom was planning on a game to make full use of Wii’s power. The Wii has had terrible 3rd party support and often don’t put effort in maximizing the graphics, physics and dynamics possible on Wii. Some interviews as well as looks at some games in development for it look to push it in ways nobody could imagine (factor 5’s project for example)

Of course, Capcom-Unity super-poster/employee Christian Svensson dropped this tiny response…

Spyborgs will be that product. Wait and see.

Mr. Svensson also went on to discuss the lack of Spyborgs at E3…

Captivate was the announcement with very little detail shared… it’ll lie low for a bit until we’re ready for a bigger reveal (similar to what we did with the Dark Void announcement last October with the bigger reveal at Captivate), so no E3 showing.