Dark Void and Spyborgs are the two biggest titles our office is working on. To say that either of them isn’t an incredibly high priority for the company, with major resources against them would be a pretty big misunderstanding of the reality. The team working on Spyborgs is an all-star team of some of the best character action game developers in the world, backed by us. Have faith. This is a game that is incredibly thoughtful in its design, incredibly varied in its mechanics and will be incredibly fun to play (both alone or with a buddy/son or daugther/father or mother) when its done. The initial reaction here (Capcom boards) I swear is the EXACT reaction so many of you posters had when we first revealed Zach & Wiki. Somehow, Z&W is now a posterchild title for the Wii in your eyes. Mark my words… you will feel exactly the same way about the level of quality in Spyborgs when it is done. …Again, this is a big, epic game. A far cry from typical Wii shovelware. You’ve heard my rants on that before… I won’t go through it again.

The irony is, we met High Impact (and by extension their subsidiary Bionic Games) at a mutual license pitch that neither we nor they were really interested in. As we met them though, I learned a bit more about who they were, what they’d done and we went back to their office to chat more about “other things”. Once there, as we talked about other business opportunities, on the walls of their conference room was some early concept work for what was to become Spyborgs. While they weren’t really pitching it, I asked what it was.

So while those other business opportunities were interesting, we really wanted them to take their amazing creative energies and work on something they were passionate about… not on things that would pay the bills. So we suggested they pursue their concept a bit more with us (even though it wasn’t really developed fully into a pitch at that time), they did, we liked what we saw and the direction they were taking. From the outset the concept was dreamed up for the Wii and we signed it before pretty much anyone else could swoop in and do so and we’ve been there from nearly day one.

(in reference to a release date) 2009 is all we’re saying. I will say it’s not in this fiscal year.

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