“Just a comment (and I’ve seen this done all over the place), you’re comparing WW sales [280,000 units] numbers on Wii with US sales numbers on PS2. NPD’s PS2 number (as cited on IGN some time ago… not me giving it out for the name of butt covering) was about 275K for just US. Again, is US only, North America would be higher than that and WW much higher still. That said, we continue to do slow, steady business on Okami Wii such that maybe someday it will get to the levels of the PS2’s sales, at least in the US. The day one number for each in the US was close to the same, we know Okami tends to have a nice long tail associated with it through distribution and a specific retailer or two. Secondarily, success for the project was never predicated on reaching the sales of the PS2, so from a profitability standpoint, I’m relatively pleased with where it’s at and where it’s going. We have more Okami hitting shelves of a couple retailers this month in the US so finding it should be reasonably easy. I think a lot of Okami’s long tail effect is due to word of mouth from fans like all of you. So if you think it’s something your friends should be playing, please do recommend it.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development