Grant Danasty

The most agile man in Transylvania. He used to live as a bandit (a Robin Hood-style “noble” thief), but he joined with Trevor to defeat Dracula in order to become a true champion of good. Since destroying Dracula, he’s been devoting his time to restoring the town. He looks up to Trevor as a brother.


A proud young adult werewolf with the blood of beast-men in his veins. His martial arts are said to be invincible. He’s come to rescue his younger sister Ada who was kidnapped and taken to Dracula’s Castle. (This story is from previous games.) In this game, he is transformed into wolf form and unable to transform back.


A witch affiliated with the church. She uses fire, lightning, and ice magic. In the future, she and Trevor will defeat Dracula together and then wed, but this Sypha has not yet met him. To hide that she is a witch, she wears priestly clothes. Strong-willed and tough.