“Koji Igarashi calls the game “3D versus” action game. Igarashi also hopes
that the players consider it as such, because you can move a full 360
degrees. Igarashi made Castlevania Judgement like this, because it would
be too tiring to whipping with Wiimote for an hour.

Kotaku’s Leigh Alexander claims that game looks “cool” and “rad.” There is
a lot of references to old Castlevania titles (the hearts that can be
collected by destroying the objects)

Z-button for guarding and blocking, C-button for jumping. Attack with a
B-button. “Strong attack” by pressing B-button at the same time as you
shake Nunchuk. By holding A-and B-buttons, you can throw the objects in

All in all, Castlevania Judgement looked very good.  The controls took some getting used to because it’s not a traditional ‘fighter’ as Igarashi said.