It’s been a rumor for around a month now, but the ghostly tree Pokemon Oorotto can now be seen by the public in this new trailer released on the eShop. The trailer originally aired with the last Pokemon movie in Japan but can now be seen by all.

Things to look for in this video include:

  • Choosing your first Pokemon, that pivotal decision of every game
  • Fennekin using a movie evidently called “Glow Punch”
  • A couple horde battles (including one with five Oorottos)
  • Charizard using the classic Fire Blast in a sky battle
  • Pokemon Amie, the new feature where you play with your Pokemon (a feature I’m not entirely sold on, by the way, but we’ll see)
  • What looks like an underwater battle?
  • Mewtwo’s new form and the two title legendaries, Yveltal and Xerneas
  • Another look at that sexy blue special edition 3DS that I really hope comes to the states