For the price of 1500 coins, Club Nintendo members can get a Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Figurine featuring Luigi, Polterpup, and the Greenie Ghost.  The back of the figuring will feature the “Year of Luigi” logo.  For anyone able to purchase this figuring, shipping will start on March 2014.

For those wondering how much 1500 coins really is, here is a breakdown of how much Nintendo products are worth:

Wii U                160 coins
3DS/3DS XL     160 coins
2DS                  100 coins

Most 3DS games range from 30-50 coins, and most Wii U games range from 50-70 coins. EShop downloads are worth 10-50 coins. Surveys are worth 10 coins.

There hasn’t been any announcement stating that this is a limited-time offer, so you may have some time to amass your coin pile if you are dead set on nabbing this piece of “Year of Luigi” memorabilia.