Chasing Aurora, developed by Broken Rules, is a Wii U eShop title that has been leaving quite an impression on me as of late.  The game initially caught my eye with it’s art style which is similar to the other Broken Rules developed WiiWare title And Yet It Moves.  But beyond the art style, Broken Rules has been posting a lot of videos about game modes to be included in the game.  The most recent video is of a game mode they are calling ‘Trail Challenge’.  A video for this new game mode can be seen below.  Other game modes that have already been announced include Freeze Tag and Hide & Seek.  I am pretty impressed by the number of different modes that Broken Rules has been including in the game and can only hope that there are more gameplay modes that they will be revealing before the launch of the Wii U eShop title.  With all of these additional gameplay modes on top of the regular gameplay for Chasing Aurora it looks as if the new Wii U eShop title will be a pretty robust one with a lot of replay value!  Check out the footage of the Trail Challenge mode below!