Nintendo have prepared a way to clear any confusion about which games work with which amiibos, especially following this week’s Nintendo Direct, during which both more amiibos and more compatible games were announced.

Nintendo have designed an all-encompassing compatibility chart to help guide players in the brave new world of amiibo figures, which games they work with, and in what capacity. The comprehensive chart organizes amiibos by wave, and lists each and every game, with a few upcoming titles for good measure, indicating that the list will grow.

So whether you’re not sure if the newly-announced Classic Mario amiibo will work with Super Smash Bros., or which amiibos work with Hyrule Warriors or Mario Kart 8, this chart is for you.

There are also some helpful icons on the site – and on game packaging – that indicate the level of interactivity your amiibo will have with that game. Here’s the definitions:

Read/Write logoRead/Write
Get additional content in your game AND save certain game data to the amiibo figure. One amiibo can only hold save data for one game at a time.

Read-Only logoRead-Only
Get additional content in your game with a compatible amiibo figure.


Are you enjoying your amiibo collection? Let us know all your amiibo-related thoughts below. You can view the official compatibility chart by clicking on the snapshot below.