UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – April 7, 2009 – We are pleased to announce that Swords & Soldiers will be shown off at the Nintendo of Europe WiiWare Media Summit held on the 7th and 8th of April 2009 at the NOE headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Swords & Soldiers is a fresh sidescrolling real-time strategy game, in many ways a first for Nintendo’s Wii system. In the game, three unique factions battle for the powers of the gods. Each faction has his own completely unique units and spells allowing for lots of strategies and variety. They can battle it out in their own campaigns, totalling 30 levels of single player goodness. After those there are 3 highscore based challenge modes, allowing for almost infinite replayability. Attaining 20 hours of playtime should be pretty easy, playing alone.

With friends, however, and that number could easily become a whole lot bigger. In the splitscreen multiplayer mode, players can choose their factions and duke it out on one of the 9 multiplayer maps.