Playing with the concept of time travel, Chronos Twins, sees the player in the driving-seat, as Nec – the last best hope for his planet – not only battles to save his world but also to avenge the death of his brother.

To successfully complete levels, players must initially use both screens simultaneously as s/he plays across two temporal dimensions (past and present) in a bid to meet (and defeat) the nameless entity head-on when it first appears on Nec’s homeworld. Manoeuvring through side-scrolling areas, the aim is to control both the present-time hero whilst exploring the planet’s past to conquer the alien threats.

Chronos Twins has been designed with a gradual learning curve, which enables the player to ease into Chronos Twins. Once the player has progressed through a number of stages, the game becomes increasingly challenging, when both screens merge into one.


* 15 levels with fantastic atmosphere plenty of alien characters and

final bosses.

* Unique game play controlling one character on two worlds with double screen.
* Mix two worlds simultaneously to advance, beating challenges that would be impossible in one of them.
* Change the past pushing, destroying, holding, etc. and the present will change in real time.
* Obtain the SPLIT device to stop the past or present.
* Solve incredible puzzles thought time.
* Observe how the time passes to advance in the adventure.
* Supports all kind of controllers (Wii Remote, Classic Controller, GameCube Controller).
* The game will reveal you hidden things.
* Three difficulty levels adapted to all kind of players.
* Double action, double challenge, double fun.