had a chance to speak with Pwnee Studios about their game, Cloudberry Kingdom.  Cloudberry Kingdom is probably going to end up as a title that everyone remembers as one of the hardest games ever.  It turns out that we may be able to play this incredibly hard-looking game sooner rather than later.  While Cloudberry Kingdom is slated for launch window, the team over at Pwnee Studios is working as hard as possible to try and reach launch day.  HEre is the portion of the interview when and Pwnee Studios start talking release dates

“NotEnoughShaders: Can you confirm that Cloudberry Kingdom will be a launch title for the Wii U?

Pawnee Studios: We can definitely confirm we will be in the launch window. There’s a really good chance we’ll be out on the first day, but there’s a tasty mix of unexpected challenges that go into that mission. We feel pretty confident right now though. Nintendo has been awesome to work with, and has been doing everything they can to help us make launch. I promise we won’t sleep until our relationships are destroyed and our health is ruined! Viva la Cloudberry!”


Catch the entire interview over at  They talk more about level creation for the game, the inspiration for the game, working with Nintendo, leaderboards, DLC possibilities, and ‘Freeplay Mode’.