Who knew that an indie game would be the game that a majority of the Pure Nintendo team enjoyed the most on the E3 show floor.  Cloudberry Kingdom, developed by Pwnee Studios, surprised much of the team with difficult but fun levels and fantastic platforming action.

There is not much to Cloudberry Kingdom graphically and I think that is what put off most of the Pure Nintendo team.  The simple and cartoon-like graphics in Cloudberry Kingdom definitely do not portray what players can expect from the game.  Cloudberry Kingdom is ridiculously hard to play depending on what difficulty the game is set to and the difference lies in the fun factor while playing the game. While Cloudberry Kingdom can be difficult to play, it is not frustratingly difficult to play but rather I found myself having more fun with the difficulty set to Hardcore.

There is a lot to Cloudberry Kingdom even though it appears to be a rather simple game.  The main feature in the game are the randomly generated levels.  Levels in Arcade and Free Play mode are all randomly generated on the fly and there are no load times between levels.  Will players are playing within a level the next level is automatically being generated behind the scenes and is ready once the player progresses.

Free Play mode was my favorite mode from the time I spent with Cloudberry Kingdom on the show floor.  Free Play mode allows you to play with various iterations of the hero, named Bob.  Free Play also allows players to adjust the difficulty of the levels and many other options.  I could see myself playing many hours of Cloudberry Kingdom when it releases on the Wii U eShop.

Do not let the graphical style of Cloudberry Kingdom fool you because the game is a ton of fun to play, especially with a group of friends.  Coudberry Kingdom will be enjoyed by many but I could see the most seasoned gamers enjoying this indie title the most.  Pwnee Studios has taken a very simple game mechanic and has turned it into an outstanding game.  Cloudberry Kingdom is a game that can be replayed for hours on the highest difficulty setting without letting up and players will still find themselves having a great time while playing.