Club Nintendo members in Europe have once again received the opportunity to pick up a great reward.  The European Club Nintendo site has added the soundtrack for the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World.  The 2 disc ‘big band’ soundtrack is available now for 3000 stars.

Revisit the Sprixie Kingdom with this soundtrack CD!

Jump back into SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD’s Sprixie Kingdom with the game’s official soundtrack CD! This two-disc collection features 77 tracks performed by the Mario 3D World Big Band.

North American Club Nintendo members can’t seem to get rewards like these!  Hopefully Nintendo of America will begin offering these types of rewards for North American Club Nintendo members sometime soon!

Die-hard Nintendo fans will definitely want to sign up for Club Nintendo if they have not already done so!  Using Club Nintendo gamers earn stars* for purchasing Nintendo licensed games/consoles by answering short surveys.  After earning stars they can be used to order cool rewards that are exclusive to Club Nintendo members!

*A ‘star’ point system is used, rather than coins, for European Club Nintendo members.