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It looks like Nintendo was not ready for the massive horde of people to hit the club Nintendo site, or Nintendo was just testing it. Keep checking back with the site to see what happens.

Update 2:

It looks like the club Nintendo site is showing coming soon again. Maybe they pulled it to fix the problems to relaunch it, or it was a slip up and its not coming out. Damn you Nintendo, playing with our emotions.

Update 3:

So you do not think we are totally out of our minds. Justin was able to grab some pics of the site before it went down.

Update 4:

Check here for FAQ page on Club Nintendo.

Another Freakin Update: Update 5

On  this installment of Club Nintendo, we bring you the prizes and there cost inside.


Wii game register = 50 coins
DS game register = 30 coins
VC/WiiWare titles/Wii Channels = 10 coins

Update 6:

club Nintendo just went back up, I am registering now. It just went back down, but that seems like a good sign that it is coming soon, if not today.

Update 7:

YES, there is a 7! SITE BACK UP! GO NOW, before it fails again!