Sheffield, England – April 21st, 2008 – Video games publisher Lexicon Entertainment today announce that the release date of Commando: Steel Disaster will be delayed until May 30th 2008.

Chris Allcroft, President of Publishing for Lexicon Entertainment explained the delay of the release “Unfortunately due to a busy period, manufacturing times are longer than anticipated and therefore we have had to slip the release date. We understand that there is a lot of demand for this product and we are working closely with Nintendo and our distributors to ensure the quickest turnaround of delivery possible”

As for the plot, you play as the heroic Storm who must put an end to an evil organisation called Rattlesnake. Of course, you get to do this with a range of heavy weaponry and Lexicon assures us there are plenty of different weapons and pick-ups – each with its own attack method and power. Plus, some guns can be used to find secret items.

Shoot, jump, throw and roll into action as you battle though each of the five missions and the two extra hidden mission. Each mission has various beautifully crafted environments all culminating in an epic boss fight.

Mow down wave after wave of animated enemy and use the various vehicles to destroy the enemy’s gun ships and tanks in this extreme test of any gamers skill.

• Highly stylized graphics with slick animations
• Get behind the wheel of various vehicles
• Complex boss battles and 20 different types of enemy
• Pick up 10 different types of weaponry
• Destructible terrain and weather conditions
• Discover hidden missions and find the data disks

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