Conga Master Party is exactly what it says it is, a conga line. Your goal is to go into a club and dance around other people to get them to join your conga line. To make things challenging, there is a momentum bar that depletes as players move around. When a character joins the conga line some momentum is gained back.

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Changing directions is done by pressing the left or right shoulder buttons, as you try not to run out of momentum while dancing. The momentum bar is restored with every dancer recruited. Picking up two or more people quickly will start a combo. There are four types of dancers, and you must fill the meters of the specific dancer to complete the level. Certain structures may have a powerup that can be released by running into it. If you meet certain requirements, you will receive V.I.P access.  

Multiplayer offers up to eight additional modes: Cut the Conga, Mortal Konga, 1..2…Conga, Just Conga, Command & Conga, Grand Theft Conga, The Last Conga, and Conga Hunter. All of which were fun to play.

In Cut the Conga, 2-4 players compete in a three-minute time period to form as long of a conga line as possible. There is a special powerup added that allows you to cut the line of your opponent.

Mortal Konga: 2-4 players compete against each other to try to collect as many pigs as possible. At the end of the time period, players then try to ‘pop’ the pigs. The winner is the player who ‘pops’ all the other player’s pig lines.

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1..2…Conga: Players 2-4 collect dancers. If you bump into another player, you then play “Paper, Rock, Scissors. The winner takes half of the losers conga line. The player with the most dancers in their conga in the end is the winner.

Just Conga: 2-4 players dance and when they grab the powerup, they must strike a pose for other players to follow. If the player fails to match the pose they lose their conga line.

Command & Conga: 2 players keep their characters going in the same direction together to make the longest conga before running out of momentum.  

Grand Theft Cogna: 2-4 players compete to get a single dance in their corner of the stage until the meter hits 100%.

The Last Conga: 2-4 players try not to run out of momentum, with the goal of being the last one dancing. If a player runs out of momentum they can try to sabotage the remaining dancers.  

Conga Hunter: 2-4 players compete to be the first to have twenty dancers in their conga.

In the end, Conga Master Party offers a decent single player mode with over 40 characters and nine locations to party. Multiplayer mode is great fun, but the option of an online party mode would have only been a plus. The Switch version of the game also offers amiibo support, unlocking costumes for the characters to wear. The fun and catchy music mix of disco, electro, and rock ‘n’ roll are sure to keep the conga going.