Sci-fi surival horror to start the new year.

2021 has begun, and we can’t think of a better way to get up some momentum than with a game giveaway. Courtesy of Firesprite Games, Pure Nintendo is giving away three copies of the sci-fi survival horror game, The Persistence.

The Persistence challenges you to survive aboard a doomed deep space colony starship in the year 2521. Stranded, malfunctioning and caught in the inexorable pull of a black hole, “The Persistence” is overrun with a crew mutated into horrific & murderous aberrations. It’s down to you, a clone of security officer Zimri Eder, to make your way deeper in the decks of The Persistence to repair the systems and prevent the ship from being torn apart. Gather resources, upgrade abilities and fabricate an arsenal of weapons in this brutal sci-fi horror roguelike.

We reviewed The Persistence back in June, and gave it a 7/10, stating, “The Persistence is a game built of components that any fans of the horror and sci-fi genres will recognize, in a format that merges seamlessly with them to make an absorbing and challenging game.”

And now, here’s your chance to be absorbed and challenged. Even better, this isn’t just a digital download; three lucky winners will get a physical copy mailed to them. As such, the contest is unfortunately open only to residents of the continental United States. Also, due to the mature nature of the game, participants must be 18 years old to enter.

If you meet those conditions, feel free to enter below. Entries will be accepted through midnight EST, January 31, 2021. Winners will be selected in early February, and will need to provide their shipping address and phone number for delivery purposes. Name and email are required so we can notify the winners. Your contact info is safe us, and here’s our privacy policy to prove it.

Enter to Win The Persistence

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